Baby love – Part 3 

21st May 1999 Dear diary,  Today is the day. I’m still in the kids home and my baby is taking his last day in foster care. I don’t know when mine will be, I smoke pot and drink too much. I’ve got important things today, I get to meet his new parents as they take…

See You in the Morning

I woke with a stabbing in my head, a churning in my guts, and, as usual, you beside me. I opened my eyes and the glare from the TV burned sharply into my retinas, so I closed them again. I could hear the newsreader’s voice. “The time is ten minutes to nine on Wednesday morning.”…

A Reason for Robyn

Modern day Robyn Hood. She’s still stealing from the rich to give to the poor but even good intentions have consequences.

Baby Love -Part two

17th April 1999 Dear diary,   Yesterday I met Sally, she’s an adoption social worker. Basically shes the one that goes between me and my baby’s new parents. I’m not sure I want to do this. I want to keep him and watch him grow up before me,  I wonder what will happen when he’s…

A Time Like Now

Belle hasn’t seen her Father for a very long time, it’s understandable that she would be nervous; the question on the tip of her tongue is very important. He better turn up.