Baby love – Part 3 

21st May 1999

Dear diary, 

Today is the day. I’m still in the kids home and my baby is taking his last day in foster care. I don’t know when mine will be, I smoke pot and drink too much. I’ve got important things today, I get to meet his new parents as they take him away from me. I’m broken. Inside all my anger is snarled up and I don’t think I can take anymore. I get to say goodbye one last time. One last time. What will happen? I’m too scared to this, I want to snatch him up and runaway with him. My baby boy. I hope his new parents can do the best and they can nurture him to forget what a waste of space I am. 

Gotta go.  

Love Julie ❤ 

Julie stomps out of the bedroom and walks slowly to the bathroom. Music is playing in another room. 


Catherine: I’d like to see you fucking try 

Julie: I’d love to,  you useless slag. 

Catherine:   haha come on then you bitch 

Julie: why are you singing perfect moment anyway?  What’s so fucking perfect for you? You’re a waste of space.  Your life is a fucking mess. 

Catherine: look at the state of you. 

With that comment Julie lunged forward swinging her arm with her palm landing on Catherine’s cheek with a loud slap. 

Simon stepped out of the office and onto the landing.

Simon: JULIE!!! In the office now! There’s a letter for you. Read it before you do anything you might regret. 

Dear Julie, 

We cannot thank you enough and are desperately looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. 

Thank you. 

David and Sarah. 

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