Baby love -Part one 

16th April 1999

Dear diary, 

I’ve just turned 15 and I’m a nutcase suffering a sprained ankle and my first 2 day long hangover, well not really a nutcase, I just had a baby and a mental breakdown, my mum blames it on having my baby but I don’t, I blame it on the lack of support her and my dad gave me. Now I’m lying here in the tiniest bedroom of a care home for kids whose parents don’t love them, I know mine do though. My baby is in a foster home, probably with a nice couple. I’m lying on my bed, there’s about a foot between here and my chest of drawers, which are actually half empty yet at the end of the bed lie all my clothes and books. When I first moved here I was tidy and neat, then I started going out with one of the other girls, Emma, Emma takes bad drugs and I know they’re bad because she goes missing for 2/3 days at a time with her boyfriend and I’m reading a book called junk about two 16 year olds who run away and become addicted to heroin which is a really bad drug. I just smoke spliffs, its ok for me because it doesn’t make me hyper or much else really, I just get hungry which is why the staff here have taken to locking the kitchen at night. Anyway, breakfast time and I’ve got to go and eat with the others.

Love Julie ❤


Julie hobbled down the stairs of the home and into the kitchen, to be met by Jeanette.
Jeanette: Julie don’t forget Sally, the adoption social worker, is coming at 2pm.

Julie: I won’t, not going anywhere anyway.

Jeanette: Ok, oh and Francesca rang, she said she won’t come until after Sally at 3pm to see how you are.

Julie: ok

Jeanette: good, here’s your post now go and eat your breakfast.

Julie sat down at the dining table and opened her post

Dear Miss J. McGrath,

Your behavioural therapy appointment at the children and families support centre is at:

2pm on the 29th of April 1999 at Bourne house with Dr Wynn –Wilson

You may bring an appropriate adult with you. Please contact us on the above number if this time or day is no longer suitable.

Yours sincerely

Kathy Jones

For Dr Wynn-Wilson

Child and Adolescent mental health services 

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