5 Things that HAVE to happen in Game of Thrones

It’s over. Done. Finished.

Game of Thrones season six is officially over, and winter is well and truly here. After watching Jon come back from the dead, Dany burn the Great Masters and Ramsey Bolton get eaten alive we have to ask; what the f*$k is going to happen next?

  1. We learn Jon’s true name

Season 6 revealed that Jon Snow, infamous bastard of the Stark family, is actually half Targaryen. Although his family name is still up for debate (Targaryen, Blackfyre and Waters are all possibilities), some fans insisted on guessing his first name by lip-reading Lyanna Stark’s dying words. Their conclusion? Jaehaerys or Aerys. Jaehaerys makes sense, both because it is a phonetic match for Daenaerys (giving a nice Ice/Fire parallel) and because Ned chose a name beginning with ‘J’. However, Aerys is also a possibility because….


  1. Mad King Aerys wasn’t mad

Aerys Targaryen, the ‘Mad King’, wasn’t as insane as the stories would have you believe. The evidence we have to support his ‘madness’ is that A: He burnt Rickard Stark alive for funsies and B: He would rather burn Kings Landing with Wildfire than lose it.

But what if Aerys knew about the war to come? The Targaryen family is famous for being full of prophecy and premonition, so if Aerys knew the White Walkers were coming it makes sense that he would take precautions. He couldn’t use the Dragons, because by that time they were the size of large dogs. Mortal soldiers would be no use, so what is he left with?

Wildfire. Lots and lots of Wildfire.

And yes, he may have burnt Ned’s father alive, but burning people to death in this universe literally makes you more powerful. If you plan on fighting ice zombies, you want the red God of fire in your corner.


3.Cersei Dies

Although she may sit on the Iron Throne, it’s likely that Cersei is not long for this world. Despite having the Mountain in her war chest, the Mad Queen is surrounded by enemies, having just murdered the High Sparrow and Queen Margery. The smallfolk will likely revolt, the combined armies of the North and South will converge at her gates and her fate will be sealed a la King Aerys (even repeating the whole murdered-by-Jaime thing). Also, the visual match between her and Joffey could well imply that she’ll be just as bad, if not worse, than her incest baby.

joffrey cersei

  1. The White Walkers go to war

This is the thing we’ve all been waiting for; the mobilisation of the White Walkers. The Long Night is coming. The Night King will take his immortal hoards south, past the wall and into the Seven Kingdoms where he will wage war against all living men.

But we don’t know how this will work yet. In the books, a mystical item called ‘The Horn of Winter’ is said to topple the wall when blown, but this has not been addressed in the series. However, the Night King’s earthquake attack is another likely contender, although using it to destroy the Wall would beg the question ‘Why didn’t you do that years ago?’

  1. The True Game begins

The biggest reveal of the last two seasons will be that the Song of Ice and Fire isn’t about the Starks. It isn’t about the Lannisters, the Targaryens, the Greyjoys or the Boltons.

It’s a song of Gods.

We have conclusive proof that two gods exist; The Lord of Light, R’hllor and the Old Gods of the North. We know that they exist because both have intervened in mortal affairs: R’hllor regularly brings characters back to life and the Old Gods gave the Northmen Green dreams and Warg powers, as well as being partly responsible for creating the White Walkers.

So the whole thing, the entire Game of Thrones, is actually just a chessboard being manipulated by two gods. The mortals are merely pawns.

But neither wants the world to end. The God of a dead kingdom is no god at all, so both religions will work together, creating two champions to defend Westeros from invasion; one of Fire, and one of Ice.


Daenaerys takes the Iron Throne

Out of all the candidates to take the Iron Throne, Daenaerys is the most likely to succeed, and the reason is very simple.

Fantasy literature is cyclical. In every story, whether it’s Frodo destroying the ring or Garion finding the Orb of Aldur, the fantasy genre is all about redressing a balance, restoring the world to where it is supposed to be.

The first time the Seven Kingdoms were united, it took an exiled Targaryen with an army of dragons to do it, and it’s about to happen again. The King in the North will lead a war against the invader, again, until he eventually pledges fealty, again. Then, both forces will work together to destroy the White Walkers and end the Long Night. Again.




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  1. mikefleckcreator says:

    John flying on a dragon!!! 2 and 3 are definitely my faves! Great write up, have you featured your writing on any other tv/movie websites at all?

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    1. Elliot G says:

      Thanks! I write regularly for a few different sites, so I’m using this as a chance to build a portfolio


      1. mikefleckcreator says:

        Great! I actually work for Movie Pilot, so if you’re interested I could help you get featured there. Shoot me an email if you like – mike.fleck@moviepilot.com


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