Review: How to Make a Journal of Your Life by D. Price

Publication date: 1999

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Pages: 116

Summary: Has your intuition been telling you to get an empty journal and begin filling it with all those interesting events in your life? Well time is racing by. All those neat things that happened just last week have already become the past….

The pictures of the front of this craft book were what captured my initial attention. My inner child loved the cover and I was immediately thankful that I’d looked closer as this tiny book was crammed in tightly among the rest. It was a perfect resource, as far as my assignment went, filled with everything I needed but my assignment became less focused the more I read; I was enjoying the book too much.

Price asks a lot of questions throughout, engaging the reader to grasp the same concepts he feels are important so that the book becomes personal to you, the reader. Not only does he write in depth about journals, he also writes about art and photography, as well as mementos. Everything he says, he relates back to himself and his personal experiences.

JournalThe books form is captivating; pieced together from handwriting, drawings and stamps; almost childlike in design. There are different fonts throughout, so none of it is straight and justified. It’s also unique in the way it uses colour, with black, white and green switching places between text and images, vying for the reader’s attention. Price also uses images to highlight the books most important messages. Price carries a strong authorial voice throughout and he uses it to guide the reader as if it’s a story, almost like it’s fiction hiding as fact.

I’d recommend this book to anyone within a creative industry, from creative writing to performing arts. This book makes you want to start a journal even if you’re in the middle of one already. Not only does Price inspire you to try different techniques, he also gives you the means to with writing prompts and drawing exercises. Price’s words inspired me to broaden my methods of creativity and now I will always have a journal with me on the adventures to come.

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